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How do HPS Recruiting Profiles work and how do I get started?
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Should I purchase the option for HPS to host my video(s)?
If you or a friend has the ability to upload videos to websites such as YouTube and vimeo, or if your school has hudl, then you do not need HPS to host your video(s). By linking videos from YouTube etc, you can self-manage the videos displayed in your profile with no limits. You will save money in the process as YouTube allows all users to upload HD videos up to 15 minutes in length and, with a validated account, upload full game videos... for FREE. vimeo offers a $60/yr package where you could upload highlights or full games in HD with only a limit on the size of files you upload on a weekly basis. Both sites allow you to set the videos as "unlisted or private" so they can only be viewed by a provided link. If your school program uses hudl, then you have access to game films and ability to create your own highlights. With our HPS Recuiting profile you can quickly link your YouTube, vimeo or hudl videos to your HPS Profile.

What is the difference between the HPS Private and Public Profile Versions?
When you purchase a profile you have the ability to populate both Private and Public versions. Private is your comprehensive profile with the key information College Coaches need, therefore, it is the version you would send out to Coaches using a tracking link. Public, by design, excludes information that you may not want just anyone surfing the web to see. The Public profile is populated using an adhoc text editor so you do have flexibility to display as much recruiting information as you wish. Add the single link for your Public version to club and/or booster websites... or just to send to family and friends.

Both versions support your third party hosted videos (YouTube, vimeo, hudl etc) with the additional capability to setup a video to display on either or both versions.

Should I populate all information in the profile sections?
Populate as much information as you have and feel comfortable providing. Take advantage of the "Other Information" portion included in each section to provide stats, upcoming game schedule, additional highlights etc. Be creative! You can even format the "Other Information" in Microsoft Word and paste it into the text editor using the "Paste from Word" button located top row, 5th from left.

I want to build my own Highlight Video. What settings do you recommend?
If you are uploading to YouTube, vimeo or another third party site then refer to their recommendations. If we will be hosting your video then the following settings are recommended:
  • H.264 Baseline Profile
  • Up to 720x480 with a bitrate of 1500kbps @ 30fps
  • MPEG-4 video (Simple Profile)
  • AAC-LC audio, up to 48kHz
  • Movie files with extensions .mov, .mp4, .m4v
  • Enable fast internet startup. Depending on your encoding software, common names include "Prepare for internet steaming", "Compressed headers" and "Web optimized"

I want HPS to host my video. How do I send you my video?
The answer depends on the file size of your video and your internet connection. There is an Upload Video option located on the Player's Profile Menu which can be accessed after you purchase a profile. If your browser times out attempting to upload the video then Contact Us to coordinate sending us your video files.

I have raw game footage. Will you create my Highlight Video?
Absolutely, just use the Contact Us form to send us your request. Make sure and include your email address and/or phone number. We recommend sending us the raw footage from the camcorder and not files that have already been burned to DVD for TV viewing.